Volunteer Lodging at Marquette University

Dorm Room information for Marquette University.  Parking is available for $5 a day.

(AB) Abbottsford Hall,  722 N. 13th Street.   Milwaukee, WI 53233

Info on Abbottsford Hall

(ST)  Straz Tower,   915 W. Wisconsin Ave.  Milwaukee, WI 53233

Info on Straz Tower


Single     $30.00 at AB,  $44.00 at ST per person, per night

Double:  $24.00 at AB,  $30.00 at ST per person, per night

Triple:     $21.00 at AB per person, per night

Quad:      $18.75 at ST per person, per night


Individuals who wish to reserve a room at Straz Tower or Abbottsford Hall should be directed to contact Carrie Enea at 414-288-7208 or via email at [email protected].  Her hours are 8:30am-5pm (CST). Contacting her office before June 25, 30 days prior to your requested check-in date, is strongly recommended.
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